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Kane and Ilaina’s cases

April 12, 2022

The freedom movement in Canberra has attracted untoward police action against demonstrators and subsequently led to arrests and court prosecutions of many freedom protesters. On the 19th of April, Kane and Ilaina’s cases are being heard at the ACT magistrates and will set a precedent for all following cases of similar charge; ‘trespass on Commonwealth Land’.…

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AFP backs down

April 26, 2022

On the 19th of April, Kane and Ilaina’s cases were heard at the ACT magistrates regarding charges of ‘trespass on Commonwealth Land’. The members of the Freedom movement had been arrested on Parliament Lawns for protesting. Both driver and passenger-side windows of the van were consequently smashed by the Australian Federal Police. The LFFF, via…

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About Us

The LFFF is a legal fund established by a core group of dedicated Australian freedom movement organisers who met at the 2022 Convoy to Canberra protests. A committee of nine met to co-ordinate and brainstorm an avenue to fight back against the authoritarian overreach that has taken place in Australia since the beginning of the pandemic.

Our mission is to provide legal support and awareness to the legal issues facing all Australians resulting from the incessant erosion of the rights of the Australian people.

The immediate concern of the LFFF is to tackle prosecution charges that open the flood gates for dangerous precedents to be established in case law. The funds longer term ambition is to dismantle the systematic, unjust red-tape that has befallen the Australian people.

Risk and Governance Procedures

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Our Bank Account:

BSB: 484799
Acct. No. 561528785


Give Send Go:

The freedom movement has been propelled forward by the generous hearts of our kin who are ever ready to open their wallets for the cause. The LFFF seeks to honour our donor’s generosity by managing ourselves with a radically transparent approach.

Our procedure includes splitting key responsibilities between multiple people, reducing the risk of any one individual acting fraudulently.

Our three accounts (GiveSendGo, Stripe and the Bank account) are only accessible by separate individuals, therefore the risk of multiple individuals colluding to misuse the funds is significantly reduced.

A third-party, independent bookkeeper is then recruited to cross-reference and match the transactions between the three accounts, to ensure that the donations coming in match the transactions moving across to match the deposits being received in the bank account.


  • All of the members of our team managing the LFFF are volunteers, “public servants” in the true sense of public service.
  • None of our team members are permitted to benefit financially from the use of donated funds.
  • A super-majority of 75% of meeting members must vote in favour of a decision before any expenditure is approved.
  • At least two signatories are required to verify an expenditure from the bank account.
  • Finally all meetings of the members will be video recorded and published on online.